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When Getting There is Half the Fun!

When Getting There is Half the Fun! I just got back from a trip to England and Spain, so the flights home to New Mexico were long and many. Given that the long haul is fresh in the memory, it seems like the least likely time for me to focus on ecolodges that are not...

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Our Lawmakers Gone Wild

Here are some words that don't normally catch my attention: “accounting”, “economic”, “politicians”, “legislation”. I like the words “outdoor”, “act”, “Nature”, “recreation”, and “travel”, much better. Strangely ALL of these words came together in December while most...

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What’s the point? (Video)

In your heart, you probably know that staying at an ecolodge or going on an ecotrip is good, but do you want to know a little more? What are the ripple effects of an ecotrip? You really don't have to sacrifice a thing to travel in a more eco-friendly way and the...

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Seeking Wellness

  By this time of year, you are probably plotting your escape. The holidays are coming, you might be getting cold, and ‘travel more’ is probably a top contender for your New Year’s resolution list. Maybe, just maybe, you are a little burned out? Under the best of...

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