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Glamping is the New Camping

Glamping is the New Camping Remember that feeling when you were a kid and you built a fort out of pillows or blankets and then crawled inside? It was always strangely exhilerating. Camping can give you that same feeling, but sometimes there are barriers that keep us...

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Morocco! How unusual.

One of the ecolodge owners on EcoTripMatch shared this video with me yesterday. Kasbah Du Toubkal Mountain Retreat is perched (really perched) in the high mountains of Morocco. They offer treks, yoga, and cultural experiences that are unlike anywhere else. They also...

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Why Winging It Wouldn’t Work

Why Winging it Wouldn’t Work When people think of ecotourism I’m guessing many of them think of the classic African safari... close to nature, learning about animals, tented camps, adventure. Well, I am thrilled to say I just got back from one of those classic African...

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Floating a Unique Idea

From the first time I saw a photo of Four Rivers Floating Ecolodge in Cambodia, I knew it was different. The whole thing floats on a river surrounded by forest!!  What an interesting idea! Imagine not clearing a patch of forest to create a new tourism development. So,...

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Are You a Closet Ecotourist?

Are you a closet ecotourist? You may have some assumptions about what an ecotourist is… unshaven, vegetarian, war- torn backpack… you know, someone who would turn down a perfectly good hammock to sleep on the ground. But, ecotourists come in all shapes and sizes (and...

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